Nine Reasons to Go to the National Conference

1.Understand How Professionals elsewhere are Adapting to Change


Daniel Susskind

Daniel Susskind will speak to his book’s – The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts – important insights on how professions are adapting to change. In reviewing his book, The Economist said “Customers are getting fussier: big firms will no longer put up with consultancies that woo them with partners and then send in a team of juniors.” Daniel’s practical advice is to “decompose” your professional work down to “its constituent ‘tasks’” then “identify the most efficient way of executing each type of task” and figure out the level of a professions input that requires and what can be left to technology to solve. Easy to summarise but in order to unlock that wisdom you’ll need to attend.


2. Involve Yourself in the Discussion on Trends which impact Ireland & the Industry

Capture2What do the changes in how we do business mean for Ireland? Anne Heraty, CEO & Founder of CPL Resources, will speak to her experience in business and with a number of government initiatives to understand the changes in skill needs in Ireland. While Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland, will discuss how the changes are shaping the demands from business clients and their staff as they locate in Ireland – covering commercial, residential and management needs. Drawing it back to the work of surveyors will be a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience.


3. Six Breakouts but you can only Choose Two….

Whether technology is a part of your daily business or it’s the decisions of people (clients, government, regulators) that makes you wake up in a cold sweat – we’ve got a breakout session for you. In our Tech Talks session, we’ll have speakers from M&E, Geomatics, and commercial rental/management.


4. Who’s who of companies in attendance

We’ve hit 150 attendees already! Companies that are thinking about the future through attending the National Conference include ESB, Murphy Surveys, The Building Consultancy, Linesight, O’Dwyer English Auctioneers, Sisk, Dublin City Council, City Properties, Lisney, Compass Informatics, Savills, Housing Agency, Aecom, Townshends Auctioneers, Irish Life, Hooke & MacDonald, National Treasury Management Agency, Cushman & Wakefield, Stewart Chartered Surveyors Limited, Interserve, Sherry FitzGerald, and many many more….


5. Location, Location, Location

Carton House






Carton House is not only a beautiful, idyllic site for the National Conference – it is located outside Dublin to better accommodate members located in the regions. We’re hoping to see more of you from Donegal to Wexford, from Kerry to Drogheda – as we pilot this change in location.


6. How Will Plans for Development Really Pan Out

“Following the successfully delivery of balanced regional development via the National Spatial Strategy…” said no one ever. But is such a vision realisable. In his provocateur address, John Moran – former Secretary General of the Department of Finance – will argue what is and isn’t possible for the government’s spatial planning strategy. This will be followed by a debate with speakers from all sides of the debate.


7. Relax & Connect with Colleagues over Dinner


No need for the black tie this dinner. Following a post-conference reception, attendees along with their guests (don’t forget buy an extra ticket for your plus one…. or plus 10) will be able to relax with a sumptuous dinner from the Carton House – the Irish Examiner said “the food is seriously good”! There will live music and good cheer – note no formal speeches 😉


8. Did you see the ROOMS!!!








Staying over at Carton House will be a great move. While visions of future business plans dance in your head, you can sleep in the luxury of Georgian grandeur which integrates modern comfort. You could take a lazy morning in bed or….


9. #SurveyorsCycle


A member organised cycle will be taking place the next day after conference. A voluntary donation for charity – is all this will cost, and the sweat of course. Not a cyclist… don’t worry Carton House provides a range of physical activities (Golf, Fishing, Hiking, etc) or relaxing ones at the Spa.