The Society interviews Davina Goodchild on LionHeart, the benevolent fund of the RICS

SCSI Christmas Party 2016

Davina Goodchild, Lionheart CEO with Claire Solon, SCSI President at the SCSI Christmas Members Evening

CEO of LionHeart, Davina Goodchild took some time out to speak to us at the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland to tell our members a little bit about what LionHeart is, and what services they provide.

Davina Goodchild said “We provide advice that matters and support that counts”. Speaking about whether SCSI members can avail of LionHeart services, Davina assured us that the benevolent fund is there to help members no matter where they are in the world.

Davina said the benevolent fund is open to “Any RICS professional who is paying a fee to the RICS, from candidate all the way through to retirement and beyond retirement. So long as you have once paid the fees to the RICS as an RICS professional, you can use our services”

In an interview with Davina in the latest Surveyors Journal, she said  “Our aim is to ensure that no one ever faces a problem alone. With our expert advice and support, we want to help prevent life’s problems from becoming life’s crises”. LionHeart provides help to RICS members when the unexpected and the unfortunate happens. The organisation has helped many members through difficulties and although based in the UK, is open to RICS/SCSI members and their families living in Ireland or anywhere else in the world. The charity wants more Irish members to ask for its help if they need it.

To learn more about what kind of services LionHeart provides and how you can get involved, watch the full video below.


The full Surveyors Journal interview with Davina Goodchild can be read here.