Members Networking Reception


Alec Drew, The Straight Talker

Over the course of the evening of Thursday the 15th of September, 80 plus members attended a social and networking event in the Society. It was an opportunity for many members to network across professional groups and enjoy the facilities of their Society at 38 Merrion Square.

The first of its kind, the Society will run these evenings every month.

In addition to the socialising, attendees were treated to a networking masterclass in 10 minutes by Alec Drew of The Straight Talker.  Alec explained the basics of networking in professional situations – highlighting the similarities and key differences between social and professional networking. He then got attendees to role-play networking situations to teach them how to engage in conversation with others and how to get out of such networking situations in a professional way.

For more information about Alec Drew, please click here.