SCSI Construction Contracts Act Seminar


L-R: John Curtin, David O’Brien, Martin Waldron, John Kelly, Micheal Mahon, Dermot Durack, Gerry O’Sullivan, Zoe O’Connor


The SCSI Construction Contracts Act Seminar was held on Friday 17th June in Chartered Accountants House, Dublin 2.

The Construction Contracts Act 2013 comes into force in the Irish Construction industry from July 25th 2016, which will create serious changes in how payments, contracts and dispute resolution operate in the Industry.

This seminar was essential for all construction practitioners and advisers to contractors and clients, who are involved in making payment applications or assessing/ recommending certifying payments on behalf of their clients, including payment of construction professional fees. The Act will affect most construction contracts whether written or oral.

The morning seminar was opened by Micheal Mahon Chair of the QS Professional Group with keynote speaker David O’Brien Chair of the Governments Construction Contract’s Committee.

The morning speakers spoke on a range of topics such as payment provisions, adjudication and avoiding disputes. There were over 140 member in attendance.