GeoHive launch –Spatial Data Resource, new online tool for surveyors

The Ordinance Survey Ireland (OSI) which is mandated to produce accurate geographical maps has launched GeoHive (, an ever-expanding store of data on everything from property prices to visualising public transport links and recorded crime stats.

This will mean that users will now have access to a ‘one stop shop’ for mapped searches on house prices, the availability of schools, the number of licensed pubs in the area, and the presence of public parks for example.  There are obvious benefits to the availability of this type of data resource and will be especially useful to residential surveyors and other property and construction surveyors in marketing or researching vital data for advertising and decision making.

GeoHive replaces the existing map viewer on the OSi site which attracts more than 1.5 million views a year. It is the first time the Ordnance Survey has developed a “collaborative” service for users, according to chief executive Colin Bray, Chartered Geomatics Surveyor.