SCSI Introduce Webcasting for CPD Events


The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland recently introduced webcasting for CPD events. ‘Webcasting’ is using the internet to broadcast live streamed events. Going forward, all members of the Society will be able to access CPD Events from any location providing they have an internet connection.

How does it work?

It is as simple as clicking a button! Members will be provided with a url link ahead of each webcasted event and this link will transport them directly to the live event which will bring them to the event  follow the url link at the time of the event and you have access to that event live.

Url links for live or on demand events can also be accessed through this webpage or by looking under ‘CPD’ on the SCSI website.

The next CPD entitled, Disability Access Certificates, is on Thursday, 28th April at 6pm and will be available here or through the above links.

A special feature of this new webcasting system is that you will be able to interact with the CPD Event for the Q&A’s Session via an instant messaging system.

Benefits of Webcasting

•Potential to reach anyone remotely

•Provides you with the same CPD hours as if you attended in person

•Free of charge for members

•Events are transmitted in real time

•Viewer accessibility

•Eliminates travel expenses

•New learning methods for members


•‘Leading edge’

Some Member Comments

“Excellent concept and simple to use and well done. Congrats to all involved in getting us into the future.” –John Mulcahy, Head of Asset Management

“I didn’t watch live but watched it later in the evening. For me I was always concerned about not being able to attend CPD seminars being based in Clare but with this, not only does it take away the worry of not having enough CPD hours, but it makes so easy and convenient. I was so impressed and a big thank you to all.” –Ronan Arthur BSc (Hons) Assoc. SCSI, Arthur & Lees Auctioneers Ltd

“Great service, particularly for someone like myself in Sligo where it’s difficult to get to lectures.” Pierce O’Reilly BSc (Hons) MSCSI MRICS, Director

“Congratulations on this wonderful initiative. It is an ideal solution for those of us in the industry that has evening appointments.” – Paul Menton FSCSI, Branch Manager, Gunne Residential