Surveyors: New building regulations are welcome news for homebuyers and the wider public

New building control regulations announced by the Government will go a long way to restoring confidence among homebuyers and the wider public after this confidence was eroded by cases such as Priory Hall, the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) said today.

The SCSI welcomes the proposed regulations as they will bring higher standards, improved safety and better transparency in the construction sector, when enacted.

Kevin Hollingsworth, Chair of the Building Surveying Professional Group of the SCSI, said: “The new regulations will go a long way towards mitigating the risks that previously existed, particularly in relation to poor construction, pyrite damage and fire safety breaches. They will require assigned certifiers to inspect the building works at key stages during construction and certify that a completed building complies with the regulations.”

The SCSI said the new mandatory certification process will also ensure greater transparency and accountability from professionals involved at the outset of the project. “This is a positive step in the right direction,” said Mr Hollingsworth.
The SCSI also said it is essential for public trust that the new regulations are enforced after their enactment.

“It is imperative that local authorities have the necessary resources to increase the number of random inspections carried out during the construction process to ensure adequate compliance”, said Mr Hollingsworth.