Huge Employment Opportunities for 2013 CAO Applicants

Ahead of next Friday’s CAO submission deadline, our best piece of advice to all Leaving Certificate students is to ensure you fill out all 10 spaces provided for Level 8 courses on your form. However, you do not need to focus too much on order of preference at this stage, as the ‘Change of Mind’ facility means you can switch your courses around until July 1st.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCSI) carried out a ‘Graduate Employment Trends in Construction and Property Surveying’ study in 2012 which found that there is, and will be, a shortage of property and construction graduates to fill related employment opportunities going forward.

With SCSI formally accrediting nine Level 8 Construction and Property Surveying courses and with such huge employment opportunities set to become available, it is worth considering the wide range of professional roles which these degrees can lead you to.  

Chartered Surveyors undertake a wide range of professional roles within the construction and property sectors including: Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Project Management, Property and Facilities Management, Valuation, Estate Agency and Planning and Development Surveying. You can learn more about the different types of Chartered Surveyors here.

Surveyors offer a range of skills across the construction and property sectors on both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer basis. The range of courses currently available accurately reflects the large number of areas available for you to specialize in within this broad industry.

Students who are particularly interested in Leaving Certificate subjects like Maths, Business Studies and Economics are often best suited to these types of programmes.

Construction courses generally comprise of technical skills including: Building Technology, Measurement, Quantitative Methods and Analysis, Construction Management, Cost and value Management, Computer-Aided Design and Tender Documentation.

Property courses offer technical skills including: Valuation, Property Management and Marketing, Taxation, Investment Analysis, Asset Management, Mapping, Construction Studies, Architecture and Financial and Statistical Mathematics.

You can see the full list of courses that we accredit and which are available to CAO applicants here. Our YouTube careers videos such as the one shown below, are also extremely beneficial in learning more about your future career.